Ancient kiln and "Luna - aqua park"

Antique kiln and "Luna - Aqua Park" (Project for restoration, conservation and exhibition of antique kiln and building aqua park) - 2013



Completed are the types of work by parts:


  • earthworks;

  • formwork and concrete works - construction of a children's pool;

  • pool "Rolba "

  • pool "Three-track slide";

  • pool "Kamikaze";

  • technical facilities for swimming pools;

  • vertical planning;

  • retaining walls;

  • site WSS and electrical installations;

  • supply and installation of water slides;

  • technological equipment for water slides;

  • tiling the pools.


The construction is an aqua and protective building of a revealed cultural monument ,,Kiln for construction ceramics". The building has monolithic enclosure walls of reinforced concrete and prefabricated metal roof with two layers of transparent four-chamber polycarbonate. The volumes united are by combining the protection of the cultural monument and its full exposure within the water utility during the tourist season.