Construction works on renovation

Construction works on renovation and reconstruction of educational infrastructure in the municipality of Novi Pazar - 2012



Completed are the types of work by parts:


  • dismantling works, including: woodwork on the walls, scraping of damaged plaster on the walls, galvanized skirts and hats on board waterproofing, roof drains, wooden doors, sinks, lighting and problematic parts of electricity installation;

  • fitting PVC windows on facades;

  • patching damaged plaster walls and roof;

  • insulation and mineral plaster on the walls and roof;

  • fiber insulation on roofs and chimneys;

  • laying of double masked black oilcloth;

  • mounting of voalit and voalit reinforced with powder;

  • mounting funnels, drain riser;

  • painting, latex painting of walls;

  • tiling;

  • lightning protection installation;

  • HVAC - solar heating installation;

  • gasification.