Holiday Village "Topola Skies & Spa Resort"

Holiday Village "Topola Skies & Spa Resort" village of Topola, Kavarna Municipality; Area 18 000 sq. m., 1-st stage - 2009



Completed are the following types of works by part:


  • complete construction of a resort and apartment complex of gated type;

  • administrative building;

  • 174 apartments, "turnkey" completion;

  • infrastructure and communications - external power route, construction of CCTS;

  • feeding, fire, and site water pipeline;

  • irrigation system;

  • drain and storm sewers;

  • Treatment Plant 1200 eq. residents and a fire tank;

  • outdoor swimming pool with attractions;

  • children’s playground;

  • tennis and soccer playgrounds;

  • parking area;

  • earth, reinforcement, concrete and masonry works;

  • finishing works - insulation system, plaster, mortar, interior cladding and flooring, waterproofing, installation of joinery, furniture and specific equipment.