Pavement, including making road bed with curbs

Pavement, including making road bed with curbs – village of Zvezditsa, Municipality of Varna - 2010



Completed are the types of work by parts:


  • pavement (including road bed with curbs);

  • shaping the landscaping around the road;

  • grassing slope below the trail of gneiss with factory turf;

  • preparation of the base and grass along the path with granite slabs;

  • excavation;

  • preparation and leveling the road base;

  • cobble pavement fraction 0-40 mm for a base with a thickness of 20 cm;

  • compacting of the earth bed with a roller;

  • support of grout 12 cm thick for laying large pavers;

  • supply and laying of sand with thick layers of 10 cm, including compaction;

  • delivery and installation of line drain - ASO;

  • supply and installation of flooring with gneiss of grass strips;

  • flooring with granite pavers (delivery and laying);

  • supply and laying of granite curbs 18/20/50.